Friday, October 23, 2009

Common Sense

Real Clear Politics blog writer, Tom Bevan, writes a post about the importance of economic issues vs. health care. It's short, and there's not much substance, but he makes a good point.

He starts by quoting Charlie Cook, who says that voters see economic issues as more important than health care, and that the current administration would do well to move away from health care and back onto the economy and jobs as quickly as possible. Tom then reiterates this himself, and he criticizes Democrats for obsessing too much over health care issues, suggesting that they need to shift gears soon or they'll lose voters in the 2010 elections.

Again, it's a short post, and there's not a lot of substance to comment on, but he makes a good point. His criticism of the administration's fixation on health care is well-placed and doesn't feel unwarranted, and his analysis of the impact on future elections is stated very matter-of-factly, without attacking the party unnecessarily. His argument isn't particularly strong or deep, but it is logical and hard to refute. Whether or not you think the administration is doing well, I think we can agree that the economy deserves more attention.

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