Friday, November 20, 2009

Abort! Abort!

Lesley Ann Abernathy, one of my classmates, writes about how abortion is a choice. Overall, she does a good job addressing perspectives from both sides of the issue and she makes a compelling argument.

She starts by talking about the difficulties of pregnancy, and the problems that a pregnant woman might face without abortion as an option. She says that the responsibility of pregnancy can be financially and mentally difficult, and that a woman who's not ready in her life for a full pregnancy needs an option to cancel it. She then goes on to talk about the potential problems that a child born might face with a parent who wasn't ready for it.

Next, she addresses some of the arguments that anti-abortionists often bring up. Some people cite religious reasons, and she says that separation of church and state should not allow laws to be passed for that reason. This isn't a particularly good argument, because while separation of church and state means that government and church are entirely separate entities, it does not mean that the morals associated with the church can't be involved in policy-making. Finally, she addresses the argument of abortion as murder, and she suggests that a child brought into the world with parents who aren't ready may be less fortunate.

Overall, it's a good post. She covers a lot of the benefits and reasoning for having abortion as a choice, and she addresses the dominant issue among people opposed to it.


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